Telemecanique Magelis HMI to AB PLC 5 on DH+

I would like pricing and more information on the GW1000-ABEIP. I have an application where I want to connect a Telemecanique Magelis HMI and a PC running custom software using ethernet to a Allen Bradley PLC5 on DH+. How does the GW1000ABEIP route to the specific DH+ nodes? Is this configurable? Do I use CIP at the HMI end? Does it happen automatically based on IP address?

Thanks for your inquiry. The GW1000-ABEIP will work great in your application allowing the Telemenanique HMI via Ethernet/IP protocol communicate with your PLCs via DH+. Other driver options include AB Ethernet or ModTCP protocol. Configuration is done via Telnet or Web Screens in which you would choose a unique DH+ node address.

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