Redundant SCADA server to DH+ PLCs

1. Will this device work as a common connection from redundant SCADA servers to DH+ PLCs (PLC5)? Both SCADA servers are on-line and poll simultaneously. Yes, up to 4 connections are supported

2. Will this device work with servers running MS Server 2008? Please consult your software vendor for compatibility with MS server 2008.

3. This device will be mounted within a server rack with 110 VAC only.   Is there a power supply option to accommodate this? We do not sell power supplies.  Please source a 24 Volt DC power supply. The GW1000 consumes approximately 100mA, so a power supply with a 500mA rating is plenty.  The device ships with screw terminals for power supply connection.  The GW1000 can also be powered by a USB port, however, we don’t recommend USB power for large DH+ networks.  For maximum reliability, we recommend an external 24Volt DC power supply.

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