GW1000-ABEIP-DH-485 Controllogix to DH-485

Q. We have a customer wanting to connect PCs on Ethernet/IP (A-B) to SLCs on DH-485. Also to connect C-Logix on Ethernet/IP to SLCs on dh-485. I believe the DL-GW1000-ABEIP-DH-485 is the device?
A. Since DH485 is becoming less popular over the years, we have removed the circuitry required to support DH485 signal levels.  The base unit will support Ethernet to DH+, serial to DH+, or ethernet to DH485 over the RS232 port.  The DH485 communication protocol is supported, but only over the RS232 port voltage levels.  For those customers wishing to
connect the GW1000 to a network of DH485 equipment, a 1761-NET-AIC module will be required. Connect a serial D9 to D9 null-modem cable between the RS232 port on the GW1000 to the RS232 port on the 1761-NET-AIC.  Connect the screw
terminals of the 1761-NET-AIC to the DH485 equipment network.”

Q. Does this allow full access for PLCs, PCs etc from the ethernet/IP side to the DH-485 side?
A. Yes, the GW1000 can accept simultaneous connections over ethernet from PLC’s, and PCs, and convert to DH485 protocol over the RS232 D9 connector.  Please be sure to install a 1761-NET-AIC if you need to connect to a network of DH485 equipment.

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