Ethernet/IP to AB’s DH+ & DH-485 using CIP & 2222 Protocols.
Gateway between Legacy AB PLCs and AB Ethernet.

- DataLink now offers the GW1000 package that significantly reduces your AB Ethernet upgrading costs as you don’t need to replace each DH+ PLC processor/device.

- AB PLC users can interface bi-directionally between Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) / DH-485 and AB Ethernet (CIP & 2222 protocols).

- AB Ethernet (Master) to DH+ is the optimal communication direction. This allows multiple AB Ethernet (CIP and 2222) devices to communicate to multiple DH+ nodes using the DataLink GW1000.

Ethernet IP to DH+ protocol converter.

DataLink offers the GW1000 package, a combined solution using the Digi One IAP with our GW1000.


Typical examples:

Multiple DH+ Nodes to AB Single Ethernet IP address:


- Communication from either a DH+ programming station (RSLINX/LOGIX) or a DH+ PLC to one AB Ethernet node (ie. PLC 5E / SLC5/05). A typical example allowing a Message Instruction to read/write data from your existing DH+ network to your new Ethernet device.

Multiple AB Ethernet devices to any DH+ nodeApplications include:

MMI (WW, Kepware, Citect, Intellution, et. all) packages using AB Ethernet Drivers can read/write data from/to multiple DH+ nodes. Any AB Ethernet PLC (MicroLogix, SLC 5/05, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, PLC-5E, ControlLogix) will be able to send either read or write MSG (message) instructions to any DH+ PLC (SLC 5/04, PLC-5) across the GW1000 bridge.